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Currency Advice London's largest law firms downsize to avoid rising rent 2/24/2016 Council Tax misuse hitting SME house builders 2/12/2016 Greece dismisses Schengen threat as migrant crisis continues 1/28/2016 Greece has dismissed threats from the European Commission that it could be removed from the Schengen area as a result of "serious deficiencies" in its migrant process. Low supply to stop Abu Dhabi rents falling 1/11/2016 Professional tenants fuel York lettings market 11/23/2015 Mobile roaming charges to be scrapped in 2017 10/27/2015 Mobile roaming charges will officially be scrapped in 2017, following a ruling by the European Parliament. Short-term rental demand flies around the world 10/23/2015 Demand for short-term rental property is lifting off around the world, as companies increasingly send employees on short-term assignments. Watch - Pakistan's fading Parsi community looks abroad 9/25/2015 For more than 1,000 years, Parsis have thrived in South Asia but an ageing population and emigration to the West means their tiny community in Pakistan could soon be consigned to the country's history books. 4 basics to get through for a faster home sale 9/2/2015 If you’re looking to sell your home as fast as possible, be sure to use the following tips to help you be successful. More Brits on the move 8/10/2015 More Brits are on the move now than five years ago, according to a new study by Lloyds, as the market continues to recover from the recession.